Solo Exhibitions

2015: ARMSTRONG-DEGRAAF International fine Arts

2014-2015: Walter Anderson Museum of Art

2007: Island Weiss Gallery, New York, NY; Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art, Auburn, AL; Walter Anderson Museum & MS Chapter of The National Museum for Women in the Arts

2005: Orlov Arts, New York, NY

2005-2006: Mada Museum of Art, Dallas, TX

2003-2004: Mississippi Museum of Art, Jackson, MS

2003:Mada Museum of Art, Dallas, TX

2002: Jefferson Davis Gallery, Biloxi, MS; Mississippi Museum of Art, Honored Artist; Museum of Women in the Arts & MS State Committee, Jackson, MS

2001: Museum of New Art (MONA), Detroit, MI; Women's MS Chapter WMNA; Jefferson Davis College Gallery, Biloxi, MS

2000: The Society for Arts, Chicago, IL

1998-99: Space 504 Gallery, New York, NY

1998: Kalem Environment, New York, NY; Urban Plaza Design, Bronze Award, Nagoya, Japan

1997: Walter Anderson Museum of Art: Biannual National Exhibition, Ocean Springs, MS

1996: Artline Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands          

1995: Space 504 Gallery, New York, NY

1994: Parrish Art Museum, South Hampton, NY

1993: Elsie Goodheart Fine Arts, Sag Harbor, NY

1992: Barnard Biderman Gallery, New York, NY; Mississippi Museum of Art, Jackson, MS

1991Rockefeller Center, New York, NY

1990: Winfield Gallery, Gulfport, MS

1989: The Mohr Exhibition, The Archive, NYC: Leonarda Di Mauro Gallery, New York, NY "Soul of Being"

1988: L'Elan Vitale Gallery, NYC "Metaphysical Images"

1983: Aurora Gallery, Gulfport, MS: Mississippi Museum of Art, Biloxi, MS: Strecker Gallery, Manhattan, KS

1982: Kansas State University, Helodome Exhibition

1980:Farrell Exhibition, Kansas State University

1978: Farrell Exhibition, Kansas State University; Deposit Guarantee Gallery, Jackson, MS

Select Exhibitions

2010: 23rd Annual McNeese National Works on Paper; Abercrombie Gallery, Lake Charles, LA

1998: Space 504 Gallery, New York, NY

1997: Alston * Cunningham A*Trincere Space 504, New York, NY

1996: Four Women Painters, Space 504, New York, NY 

1995: Color and Form 1995, Space 504, New York, NY; Reconstructivist Exhibition, Curated by Peter Frank, Space 504, New York, NY

1993: Woods Art Gallery, University of South Mississippi

1992: Auburn University, Auburn, AL

1991: Molica Guidarte Gallery, New York, NY

1990: Strecker Gallery, Manhattan, KS               

1989: Art Who Gallery, Ocean Springs, MS

1988: Anna Bornholt Gallery, London; New Kings Road Gallery, London; Texas Art League, Texas

1987: Galeria, Arizona; Mori Gallery Tokyo, Japan

1985: Nike Exhibition, New York, NY

1984L'Elan Vitale Gallery, New York, NY

1983: Lawrence Gallery, Kansas City, KS; IAC Inc. Los Angeles, CA; Kansas 3, Topeka, KS; Cabo Frio International, Brazil

1982:Kansas City Art Research Center "Telic"; Kansas City Artist Coalition, Kansas City, KS: McClain Exhibition, Kansas State University; Strecker Gallery, Manhattan, KS; Kansas State University Gallery

1980: The Art Connection, Kansas City, MO

1978:Deposit Guaranty Gallery, Jackson, MS

1975:Auburn University Gallery, Alabama

1972:Jackson County College, Mississippi

Awards & Honors

2002: Honored Artist, MC Committee & National Museum of Women in the Arts, Jackson, MS

1992:Bronze Award, Nagoya, Japan, International Urban Art Plaza Competition 233 participants from 40 countries, only US winner 

1990:Fellowship: Woodstock School of Art Awarded to explore the relationships of Deconstruction and Reconstructivist Art and its relationship to architecture and the meaning to society


1998: Kalem Environment, New York, NY; Bronze Award, International Urban Art Plaza Competition, Nagoya, Japan,

1987:Battery Park City, Environmen, Furniture and Art Environment New York, NY 

1975:Environmental Color for Nike Headquarters, New York, NY; Color system was developed the color and perception of sound and color created during the period of “Parative Ambiance”