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1996-1999: Harvard University, GSD Professional Program 

1995 - 1998: New York University, ARE

1982: Kansas University, NASA Space Technology Lab, Satellite imaging of landforms. Dr. Max Lusher,  Swiss Psychologist, Studies in Color Perception

1980: Kansas State University, Masters in Architecture

1975: Auburn University, Bachelors in Visual Arts 



Since the 1970's, artist Rebecca Alston has interrogated the complex and often troubled intersection between technology and the environment, working in the aesthetic dialect of design, technology and the biological sciences. Her art was at the forefront of an emerging interdisciplinary field of science and technological design.

The precise line quality and use of color is reminiscent of biological diagrams depicting cellular structures or lipid-like forms while her use of experimental mix-media incorporates orignial NASA satellite images from the 1980's. Developing technologies in the name of both the scientific exploration and American military dominance makes Alston's preoccupation with its effect on our understanding of the earth and biology both prescient and political.

Ultimately, Alston's art advocates for a radical geopolitical equality between an ecosystem and its inhabitants. 

Rebecca Alston Editions offers editions direct from Alston's studio. For more information on original works please contact the artist. 

Telephone |  (917) 541-7271